Dear friends!
Artur Asatryan
I have been interested in history since childhood. I found answers to many questions in it. Over the years, I realized that it is history that is the most powerful source of patriotism. With its help, it is easier to instill love for the Homeland, interest in national roots and aspiration for justice in children and youth.
It turned out that the Armenian nation, one of the oldest nations of mankind, overcoming numerous challenges throughout the millennia, was not able to preserve all its achievements. However, many great historians of different eras left enough references to Armenia, its culture and rulers.
With the help of historians, I have been gathering all this historical information by bits and pieces for 30 years, and professional artists pass it on to their canvases. This is a thorough and painstaking work, as a result of which the history of the Armenian nation appears before us in all its greatness. Thus, I managed to recreate portraits of 50 Armenian kings, as well as 109 canvases depicting key historical events in the life of the Armenian people.
We present the entire collection electronically on the website of the Crusader Liberation Movement, but their final home will be the large museum I will build in Armenia.
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Dear compatriots, friends!

Thank you for not being indifferent to national issues and being ready to face the challenges of the current era with me.

From now on, we will inform you about all our activities and we’ll decide the priorities of our actions together.

We, as real crusaders, will turn the wheel of injustices and return Armenia to the right path of development.

I am sure we will build Greater Armenia together.

With respect,

Arthur Asatryan
Founding leader of "The Armenian Crusaders Liberation Movement"